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Before Melancholy

2023   │   Installation

Acrylic paint, film, metal constuction
750 x 500 x 600 cm

Melancholy is a complex feeling that is not always easy to describe. It is not the same as sadness or bitterness. Melancholy is more of a feeling of calm acceptance that we can't always control what happens. But before this understanding, you will have to go through a hurricane of emotions at different stages of acceptance.

Like the contradictory human mind, which finds no solution in a heap of ideas, the structure of our entire civilization is unsettled. Ideas elevate us, but also lead to conflicts, as in Brueghel's Tower of Babel, which is created in the name of the Idea, but collapses under its own weight. Humanity may be witnessing its own decline due to internal strife.

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