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Traces of me

2020   │   Mural painting

Artists have long been known to exhibit their work in galleries and public spaces. They reveal something very personal, often even intimate, for scrutiny by a large audience. What if you limit the number of visitors to the few who accidentally wander into a room hidden from outside eyes in an abandoned building? A place that's incredibly isolated from people, yet right in the middle of the city, is a pretty direct analogy to a person alone in a crowd. One can give oneself complete freedom in drawing without being limited to composition or form. What is the probability that someone will see it in such a closed place? At the same time, almost everyone can randomly enter this room. Does the viewer, expecting to see something personal, turn involuntarily into a voyeur in the moment of contemplation? What thoughts does this emotional scream expressed in the drawing evoke? It is difficult to guess, since the artist never meets his viewer, there are no annotations. The individual communication is only made by a drawing statement and its observation.

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