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Margarete's Child

2021   │   Painting

Oil, acrylic paint, film, wood. 100x64x4cm


Horror is an elegant alternative for drama. It also reveals the themes of pain, fears, psychological trauma, but in a metaphorical form, like in old fairy tales. I don't know why, this has been my favorite genre since childhood. Just as the subconscious mind processes our hidden fears in nightmares, so good horror talks about simple life misfortunes, exaggerated to the absolute. The loss of the loved one appears as a cruel murder, the fear of change - as torn flesh, childhood trauma - as haunting ghosts.


But horror does not speak about it in plain text, as if ashamed, afraid to devalue. As if it was easier to pour rivers of blood and not spare the demon-possessed protagonists, just not to talk about the real pain that you experience every day. Raging emotions buried deep in the heart, but shouted out in the form of an insane metaphor.

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