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2022   │   Painting

Acrylic and oil paint, wood panels, acrylic glass
190 x 190 x 9.5 cm

Our Era forces us to return the tragedy, characteristic of ancient Greece, to modern culture, which is firmly fixated on the drama. Seized with jealousy and a thirst for revenge, the queen decided to kill her own children. This story is transferred to the present day, to the destroyed interpersonal relationships, where people increasingly prefer to remain alone, the struggle of classes and political movements that do not try to understand each other, and entire nations seized by agony of mutual hatred and destruction. The Empire is falling apart before our eyes, and we watch this picture in a daze, trying to figure out who is to blame. So maybe it is the right time for our society to remember the classic Greek lesson, which was: “The tragic flaw lies within us”.

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